who we are

we are


a private equity romanian company located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Napoca Software was founded in 2003 by a group of young enthusiastic engineers, graduates of the two IT profile universities of Cluj-Napoca,
after years of experience in joint capital and Romanian IT companies.

Built on a unique combination of analytical capabilities and technical knowledge, a well-organized management and an efficient quality control system,
it passed the test of time and got to be recognized for providing high quality software solutions and highly professional software services.

Our partners value us for upholding the professional standard to the level of excellence required for long-term trustworthy relationships.

what we do

we are offering

software solutions
outsourcing and consulting services

For 20 years as Napoca Software, we are offering software solutions, outsourcing and consulting services to both local and Western European companies.

areas of expertise

Through the years, we acquired expertise in various areas
from business to media and home automation.

business automation
media automation
home automation

we support our customers through the entire development lifecycle


analysis, data and system modelling

we dive into the domain and gather the knowledge
making sure we understand the context
and the nature of the problems to solve


system architecture and design

we shape the solution - technical and functional,
with usability, performance and scalability in mind


development, testing and deployment

we build the solution - a working software,
and have it delivered, then respond to change


performance tuning and optimization

we fine-tune on usage, and optimize as needed,
then monitor to ensure things stay on track


maintenance and support

and we are there for the customers when needed,
throughout the process and further down the way

desktop, web and mobile applications

we've done them all and done them well
ensuring usability and responsiveness

relational database systems

we more than master the proper design
for both consistency and efficiency

reporting services and platforms

we deliver accurate, structured solutions
designed to bring key figures out

business intelligence services and platforms

we stand for digital transformation,
accept the challenge and find the way

system integration services and platforms

everything is to be connected, we've got that,
and then flawless and resilient, as it should be

internet of things

while still new to many, no longer new to us;
and then not just connected, but automated and smart




high level expertise and
in-depth technical knowledge

areas of expertise

while gathering years of experience in most areas of the technology stack,
we have specialized in, and give credit to, Microsoft technologies.

software development frameworks
  • Microsoft .NET Framework & .NET Core - C#, VB.NET
  • Microsoft ASP.NET & ASP.NET Core
desktop applications frameworks
  • Windows Forms. Microsoft WPF. MAUI.
  • Windows Services. Microsoft WCF. gRPC.
web applications frameworks
  • Microsoft ASP.NET & ASP.NET Core MVC & Blazor WebApps
  • Microsoft ASP.NET & ASP.NET Core WebAPI & SignalR
  • Angular JS. VUE JS.
  • HTML, CSS & SAAS, JavaScript & TypeScript
mobile applications frameworks
  • Microsoft XAMARIN. MAUI.
data and database management systems
  • DBMS - Microsoft SQL Server & SQL Server Service Broker
  • DBMS - MySQL. PostgreSQL.
  • ORMS - Microsoft Entity Framework
reporting services and platforms
  • Microsoft Reporting Services
business intelligence services and platforms
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Infor Birst
system integration services and platforms
  • Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services
  • OAuth & OpenID Connect. Keycloak.
cloud services and devops
  • Azure App Services & Azure Service Bus
  • Azure AI Services & Machine Learning
  • Azure Virtual Machines. Kubernetes & Docker Containers.
  • Azure DevOps
internet of things




upholding the standard

We believe that excellence is the highest standard of them all and we do everything in our power to achieve it.
Acting responsible, with dedication and commitment is the essence of it. We see it and we act by it.

We only do what we do best and we make the best of what we do.
We take our decisions knowingly, we waist no time and no resource, and we deliver.

We appreciate excellence in others, so we strive to achieve it ourselves every day.
And by upholding the standard, we build trust and serious relationships.




building long-term relationships

We are aware of the fact that business relationships can become partnerships
only by investing talent, abilities, effort and determination.

We treat each project as our own and we are there for our customers.
All the way, reliable and trustworthy.

And we build long-term, highly valuable partnerships.

we stand for software