we have the resources, experience and commitment required for software projects to succeed

There are moments in the history of a company when the IT department gets overwhelmed or runs at costs that exceed allocated budgets.
An immediate solution in such situations is outsourcing the project,
transferring the responsibility of the project’s implementation to another company, specialized in the specific activity.

We have the resources and experience required to provide highly professional outsourcing services.
Our ability to organize and manage projects is completed by our high level expertise and in-depth technical knowledge.

Our professionalism and the high quality of our services have been acknowledged
by large, respectable Western European companies we have been working with over the years.

we know
the difference

between writing code
and building software

we make sure we understand
the context and the nature of the problems to solve

then we transfer all that knowledge
into high quality software

when you choose us
you can rest assured

we will do the best of what we do

with dedication and commitment
taking decisions knowingly
waisting no time and no resource
and delivering results

You definitely know what you need, so let's get technical and see if we can do that something for you.

software development

A second development team could deliver extensions to your software.

Whether in need for new functional modules, reporting, data analysis or prediction modules, our team could have them delivered.
When missing a web interface, either graphical or programmatic, our team could build it for you.
If not yet automated, we could make it happen. Automation services could set things in motion.
So, how about having them all plugged-in with no impact on your software?


Additional development teams could modernize your software.

Dealing with outdated technologies wherefor automated migration is not viable? Our teams faced the challenge already.
Not on .NET Framework yet? How about .NET Core?
Still on VB6 and COM+? How about C# and web APIs?
Still on Web Forms? How about ASP.NET MVC?

In need of modern web interfaces, either graphical or programmatic? We have teams qualified for both.
Mobile-ready web apps, and yet, available in App stores?
Single-Page vs. Multi-Page Application, or a blend? Angular or Vue JS?
REST or ODATA Web APIs? Leveraging an ORM, third party or proprietary?

Aiming for cloud? We could come up with a feasible plan together.
First to service-oriented, then to microservices.
First cloud-ready, then cloud-native.
One step at a time, in a pragmatic redesign approach.


Separate development teams could address interoperability concerns.

From interop interfaces to data exchange bridges,
through integration services or interoperability platforms,
our teams can ensure flawless, resilient integrations.
And then automated by default and manual by exception. Otherwise, automation-ready.


An intervention team could evaluate performance and scalability.

Performance is overlooked most of the times, then it becomes all of the sudden a problem.
Intervention teams could come up with performance optimizations and solve things
or buy the time required to redesign with scalability in mind.
And then they can keep monitoring and fine-tune the system.

maintenance and support

Maintenance and support is hard to get, especially on technologically outdated software.
We might step in and offer you the support you need to maintain the system
while migrating to modern technologies and development platforms.

devops automation

A qualified devops team could help you automate the development process.
Automated build and deploy pipelines could be set up, exactly as needed.
And then cloud-ready and containerized, as required these days.



how we work

our team will be yours
from the beginning to the end

we will treat your project as our own


A team structure proposal is made, after a proper analysis of the functional and technical requirements of the project.
The status of the project and the infrastructure available are to be considered,
provided it is about maintenance or further development of a software solution.

Alternative team structures may be provided, when need.
Team structure can be adjusted throughout the lifetime of the project.

Cluj-Napoca is home of two well-known and highly appreciated universities of Romania.
Most of our developers are Computer Science graduates of one of the two universities.

We offer internship programs followed by training and specialization programs
for both graduates and undergraduates (in agreement with the universities internship conventions).
We conduct recruitment, followed by further training and specialization, as required from case to case.

Testers' training level and specialization varies based on the nature of the testing activity.

We encourage close communication in between our teams and the customers,
so eventual questions and unforeseen issues are clarified in useful time.

Different communication channels are used, as required or convenient
and may involve e-mail, text messaging, audio/video calls or conferences.

Several business communication tools have been used over the years,
such as Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Slack.

Most of our teams work Agile, using SCRUM,
and are familiar with collaborative software development tools
such as Azure DevOps (Team Foundation Server and Git) and Jira.

Software engineers costs vary from 25 to 45 euros per hour, depending on seniority level and lead development skills.
Software solution architects and technical architects costs raise to 50 euros per hour.
DevOps specialists costs vary from 35 to 45 euros per hour, depending on expertise, containerization and cloud ops skills.
QA engineers costs vary from 20 to 40 euros per hour, depending on seniority level and test automation skills.

Tariffs are agreed upon per team structure, per month. No additional fees involved.

we can help you build your software

software that works. from people who listen.