software services



we have the resources, experience and commitment required for software projects to succeed

For 20 years as Napoca Software, we are offering software solutions, outsourcing and consulting services
to both local and Western European companies.

Our professionalism and the high quality of our software services have been acknowledged
by large, respectable companies we have been working with.




we are highly specialized
in Microsoft technologies

throughout software lifetime

software development services
whether it is about brand new software
or eventual software extensions,
we will try to find the solution for you.
right, tailored to needs and within budget.
  • software solutions
  • software extensions
  • automatic processing modules
  • reporting modules
  • data analysis and prediction models
  • web system interfaces
  • mobile system interfaces
  • programmatic system interfaces
modernization services
whether it is about modernizing the code
or modernizing the interface,
we can make your application
future-ready again
  • introduction of new technologies
  • migration to new development platforms
  • leveraging modern cloud-ready architectures
  • adopting modern web interop infrastructures
  • shifting to mobile-ready responsive web applications
  • going for native mobile applications
interoperability services
from simple web interop interfaces
to data exchange bridges and platforms
we should be able to help
  • system integration interfaces
  • system integration bridges
  • data exchange platforms
optimization services
performance and scalability,
whether overlooked or delayed,
could become our concern
  • system and performance evaluation
  • performance optimizations and scalability improvements
  • system monitoring and performance tuning
maintenance services
maintenance and support is hard to get,
whether technologically outdated or not,
yet, we might be there for you
  • system maintenance
  • technical support
  • migration considerations
devops services
we can take the devops burden away
with agile planning and tracking,
build, test and deploy automation
  • agile development setup
  • build, test and deploy automation
  • shifting to cloud

why us


Napoca Software

we provide outstanding services

we are professionals

We only do what we do best and we make the best of what we do.
We take our decisions knowingly, we waist no time and no resource, and we deliver.

we can help you build your software

software that works. from people who listen.