COMMERCIALS MANAGER is a smart media automation system
that facilitates management and monitoring of advertising campaigns in distributed radio networks.
Once the advertising campaigns are scheduled, broadcast is guaranteed, as the the software automatically generates the ads grid and exports it towards the broadcasting software.

The system manages the entire ad space and provides complete information about the total advertising time, grid loading degree and advertising time overruns. When it comes to distributed networks, the system facilitates unitary programming of commercials over different regions and offers the traffic manager the support required to manage and evaluate loading degree taking into account both local and national advertising campaigns.

  • media automation
  • radio networks
  • advertising campaigns
  • advanced algorithms

COMMERCIALS MANAGER is a media automation that offers more than traditional systems do.
It uses advanced algorithms and ensures optimal planning of advertising campaigns within ad space boundaries
while honouring campaigns requirements and ad space constraints at the same time.

The solution supports positioning and follow-up restrictions, ensuring campaign ads stand out at the beginning or the end of the advertising slots or they properly follow up one another in the same advertising slot, as needed from case to case.
And it supports class restrictions guaranteeing there are no competing ads in the same advertising slots, when required.
All while trying to ensure a proper load balancing of the ads and minimal to no time overrun when it comes to the total advertising time.

The system provides the best automatic resolution possible, highlighting the conflicts it could not overcome.
It supports manual conflicts resolution allowing deviations from both requirements and constraints, as needed from case to case.
The solution attempts to loosen up restrictions and constraints, when it cannot meet them all, so that manual intervention is only needed upon occasion.

Planning aside, the system facilitates the marketing and management of advertising campaigns
providing the sales department with the support it needs to offer, contract and follow up on their progress.
The system ensures automatic calculation of campaign costs based on the rate-card and the broadcasting days and hours,
while supporting preferential rate-cards, volume and other additional discounts (welcome bonus, etc.) as needed.
And it offers all types of reports required to follow up on the campaign: ads distribution, media plan, campaign time, costs and cash-flow.

Last but not least, the system provides the marketing and sales departments with global sales reports, customer reports, and evaluations and estimates on the monthly income and cash-flow.

Although initially designed to manage radio stations, the system evolved and is currently supporting radio networks.
Marketing campaigns can now address local, regional or national audience, as required.

COMMERCIALS MANAGER is part of a fully automated radio network software system developed and marketed in Romania.