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V I K I Innovation drives us ahead
and keeps us growing
as professionals and people

Years ago, we partnered with another Romanian company in the development of
a smart home automation system equipped with learning capabilities and imitating behavior.

The system uses advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to recognize behavior, anticipate needs and adapt therefor environment accordingly.
It automates the entire home, managing a wide range of smart electronics while facilitating interaction and remote control by means of mobile devices and virtual assistants.
It addresses energy efficiency, safety and security concerns.


M I C R O I N V Research and development
makes us reliable and competitive
as professionals and society

Not long ago, we joined the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca in an industrial research and development project
addressing efficient energy management in micro-networks with renewable energy sources.

The partnership initiated by the university and sustained by the European Regional Development Fund was meant to encourage collaboration and the involvement of industry in research and development, facilitating knowledge transfer and technological innovation.
The objective of the research was to address and model techniques for consumption optimization and maximization of consumption from renewable energy sources in efficient energy conversion systems.


COVID Monitor Dedication enables us achieve things
and inspires those around us

In the beginning of the Covid pandemic we decided to build and sustain a software system meant to help
with first line triage and eventually relieve pressure on the public health system.

The system was to collect information about triage cases and use it to train AI under medical supervision,
so it could later instruct people on what to do depending on symptoms.

A pro-bono initiative that inspired people and engaged professionals, companies and media in the endeavor.


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Let us tell you a few things about some of our projects. It may be you relate to one and decide to let software help you.

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