Napoca Software partnered with another Romanian company in the development of
Covid Monitor - a software system built and sustained in the beginning of the Covid pandemic
in a pro-bono initiative meant to help and eventually relieve pressure on the public health system.

The system was meant to collect information about confirmed/infirmed triage cases
and use AI to train under medical supervision, so it can later help by instructing people on what to do depending on symptoms.

  • health care system
  • supervised training
  • artificial intelligence
  • medical advice

Medical professionals - residents in training in health care units and other medical personnel -
were to become users of an online system designed to manage information about triage cases
while offering access to and statistics over the entire set of data collected in time.
Data made available was to be used to train a machine learning algorithm
whose later prediction results were to be compared against and adjusted by medical diagnosis.
The purpose was to have the AI learn so it could later on instruct people what to do based on their symptoms.
A public online questionnaire was to be provided for anyone with symptoms.
At the end of the questionnaire the system was to instruct the person what to do based on the AI results.

The first version of the system was built and made available in a couple of months,
thanks to the sustained efforts of all the people that got involved in the meantime.
Medical professionals, family doctors and specialists, put together the list of potentially relevant questions.
Media people helped with presentation movies
meant to convince professionals to get involved in the supervised training
and to inform people about the online questionnaire that was to become available.
A graphical designer helped with screen designs.
We built the management system, the AI module and the public questionnaire, and had the online system up and running, monitoring it.

Meanwhile, things got under control in triage, as medical residents and family doctors got involved in first line care.

Time proved that it would have been difficult for the AI to distinguish between Covid and non Covid cases, as only tests could do that,
but the system might have helped with first line triage and could have been further extended to monitor symptoms evolution
and instruct people on additional measures to take, when and what to do.