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home automation

V I K I - the smart home that learns your habits

home is where VIKI is

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V I K I | home automation

V I K I is an intelligent smart home automation system
that recognizes behavior and adapts the ambient accordingly without the need for further intervention.
It is where technology blends in your lifestyle and is there for your comfort and security.

The system automates the entire home efficiently coordinating all smart electronic devices.
It facilitates interaction and remote control by means of mobile phones, tablets and virtual assistants.
All controllable in one mobile app, from home or remotely. All controllable via voice commands.

VIKI is a smart home automation that offers more than traditional systems do.
It uses advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence
to recognize behavior, anticipate needs and adapt the environment accordingly.

The virtual intelligence controls lighting, climate and multimedia and adjusts everything
according to preferences and depending on circumstances it monitors and is aware of.
And it keeps learning, as people and preferences change, evolving and adjusting with every new experience.

Special attention has been paid to safety and security concerns.
The system has built in security functions and offers active protection in different alarm scenarios
whether intrusion detection, fire detection, carbon monoxide detection, imminent natural calamity and other emergencies.

Energy efficiency was factored in. The system cannot ignore its importance.
VIKI is monitoring consumption levels, plans for efficiency and follows it through.
And it supports residents in finding the right balance between comfort and reduced energy consumption.

As far as privacy is concerned, VIKI makes sure it keeps private life as such.
It stores all information in the private cloud of the house and it does not share it with anyone.

As for technologies, VIKI supports both wired and wireless solutions, and a range of devices that keeps getting wider.
The system is delivered with the entire equipment pre-configured, tested and ready to be installed.

Implementation wise, the wireless system can be installed in houses where people live already without giving them headaches from broken walls, remodeling and repairs. And, it can be up and running in less than a week.

VIKI is one of the first smart home automation systems equipped with artificial intelligence.
Always one step ahead and prepared for the home of the future.




media automation

COMMERCIALS MANAGER - your radio network commercials solution

never easier

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COMMERCIALS MANAGER | media automation

COMMERCIALS MANAGER is an intelligent media automation system
that facilitates management and monitoring of advertising campaigns in radio stations and distributed radio networks.

The system manages the entire ad space and automates commercials broadcast
providing complete information about the total advertising time and time overruns.

COMMERCIALS MANAGER is a media automation that offers more than traditional systems do.
It uses advanced algorithms and ensures optimal planning of advertising campaigns within ad space boundaries
while honouring campaigns requirements and ad space constraints at the same time.

The system provides the best automatic resolution possible, highlighting the conflicts it could not overcome.
It supports manual conflicts resolution allowing deviations from both campaigns requirements and ad space constraints, as needed from case to case.

Planning aside, the system facilitates the marketing and management of advertising campaigns providing the sales department with the support it needs to offer, contract and follow up on their progress.

The system initially designed for radio stations evolved and is currently supporting distributed radio networks.
Marketing campaigns can now address local, regional or national audience, as required.

COMMERCIALS MANAGER is part of a fully automated radio network software system developed and marketed in Romania.


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