we have the resources, experience and commitment required for software projects to succeed

There are times in the life of a company when highly qualified IT specialists are required.
Not having one available in the IT department should not be a problem.
An external consultant might bring more than the expertise it is hired for.

We can provide expert advice and guidance in all aspects concerning software development.
Our high level expertise and in-depth technical knowledge are the solution to your problem.

Our professionalism and the high quality of our services have been acknowledged
by large, respectable Western European companies we have been working with over the years.

we know

IT can be a challenge.
we face it everyday.

technology evolves
at speed we can hardly keep up with

research and development
keeps us on track and makes us reliable

when you choose us
you can rest assured

we only do what we do best

with great responsibility and commitment
taking decisions knowingly
waisting no option
and delivering results

You know what you are facing, so let's get technical and see if we can help you out.

software development challenges

Our specialists could offer you support in all stages of the development process:
through analysis, data and system modelling,
in application architecture and design,
throughout development, code analysis and code reviews,
in automated testing, build and deploy automation,
in performance auditing, tuning and optimization, where needed, as needed.
And we can assist you in addressing complexity
from complex logic to complex problem solving,
from business intelligence to artificial intelligence concerns.

modernization challenges

We can offer our technical expertise and share from our modernization experience:
on migration from old to newer development platforms,
in introduction of new technologies,
on adopting standard compliant infrastructures,
or getting web-ready, mobile-ready, and, last but not least, cloud-ready.

interoperability concerns

We can help you address interoperability concerns
from data exchange considerations
to integration services options
and interoperability platforms concerns;
with open authentication and authorization in mind.

optimization challenges

We could assist you in performance monitoring and optimization
from tracking down and fixing problems to preventing them via stress and volume tests.
Whether memory, threading and locking problems,
bad response times - application or database wise,
you could have them all under control.

And we could help you address scalability concerns
and design with performance and scalability in mind.

maintenance challenges

We still have experts in more or less outdated and low-level technologies.
Win32 API, COM and ActiveX, COM+ and MTS, MSMQ, WCF, WPF, to name some.
So we could help you face maintenance challenges and support you in the modernization process.

devops challenges

We can assist you in the automation of your development process:
from setting up Azure DevOps to leveraging its build and deploy pipelines support,
so you can achieve continuous integration and continuous delivery goals.
And, we can help you tackle cloud-ready containerized deployment.



how we work

we will be there for you
all the way

we will treat your problems as our own


We make sure the right specialist is appointed, after a thorough analysis,
depending on the nature of the problem and the expertise required to handle it.

Continuous research and development widens our area of expertise.
Innovation drives us ahead and keeps us growing.

Our specialists can work side by side with your team, providing guidance throughout the process,
or get involved on a need basis, helping the team overcome problems and move forward.

Communication channels such as audio/video calls and shared screen sessions
overcome long distance problems most of the time. And when not, traveling is always an option.

Senior software engineers costs vary from 40 to 45 euros per hour, depending on expertise and lead development skills.
Software solution architects and technical architects costs raise to 50 euros per hour.
DevOps specialists costs vary from 35 to 45 euros per hour, depending on expertise, containerization and cloud ops skills.

Tariffs are agreed upon per specialist, per month/hour. No additional fees involved.

we can help you overcome IT challenges

because we know. we've been there.