V I K I - the smart home that learns your habits
is an intelligent home automation system equipped with learning capabilities and imitating behavior.
The result? A smart home that recognizes behavior and adapts the ambient accordingly
adjusting lighting, climate and multimedia automatically and without the need for further intervention.

The system automates the entire home efficiently coordinating all smart electronic devices out there.
It facilitates interaction with and remote control of devices by means of mobile phones, tablets and virtual assistants.
All accessible and controllable in one mobile app, from home and remotely. All accessible and controllable via voice commands.

  • home automation
  • internet of things
  • artificial intelligence
  • mobile devices, virtual assistants

VIKI is a smart home automation that offers more than traditional systems do.
It uses advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence
to recognize behavior, anticipate needs and adapt the environment accordingly.

The house of the future is the house in which technology blends with your lifestyle, ensuring a perfect balance between the two.
Always one step ahead and prepared for the future, VIKI is equipped to make it all possible.

The virtual intelligence controls lighting, climate and multimedia and adjusts everything
according to preferences and depending on circumstances it monitors and is aware of.
And it keeps learning, as people and preferences change, evolving and adjusting with every new experience.

The system does not need dedicated presets, as it is able to recognize the inhabitants of the house and learn their behavior.
VIKI is like a personal assistant; friendly and reliable. It needs to be taught what you expect of it and what it has to do.
A little consistency and in a relatively short time you will no longer need to use the tablet or the phone.
It will recognize your daily habits, and apply them in your home and your life, making sure it offers the comfort and security you need.


Intelligent lighting brings elegance, comfort and energy efficiency to your home.

VIKI's intelligence allows it to automatically adapt lighting to the persons in the house and their particular need for light.
The system learns about people's preferences and needs around the activity they are involved in and manage lighting accordingly.
The possibility to set up lighting according to the activities that take place in the house without manual intervention, takes your family's well-being to another level.

VIKI makes sure lights are turned on when needed and get adjusted as the supply of natural light changes, up to the point they are not needed anymore. Nothing new when lights turn on as you arrive home and enter a room or off as you leave the room and the house. But when they turn on or off out of the blue, without you even realizing that you need or do not need lights anymore, it's a whole different story. And when you can control them remotely and via voice commands, it's beyond convenient, it's the ultimate comfort.


Smart comfort means more than remote control of otherwise ensured preset temperatures.
A smart home automation should know when you come home and make sure it turns on heating, cooling or the ventilation system in useful time. And when you leave, it should make sure it keeps the house at optimal parameters while aiming for energy efficiency, without you having to worry about all these.

VIKI knows when you leave home and automatically enters the first of the away scenarios, with the aim to reduce energy consumption.
And then it switches from away to gone-for-a-while and then to vacation, as time goes by and you haven't returned, for more efficiency.
VIKI intelligence knows when you arrive home and it makes sure it asks you to confirm your coming home in useful time.
It then prepares the house for your return: turn on the heat or the air co, raise the window blinds and start the ventilation system.
The smart automation supports split microclimate control on a room by room basis.
VIKI is able to learn individual preferences over temperature, humidity, ventilation and shading and have them set up to ensure the preferred state for the group of users present in the room.
The system ensures the microclimate setup imposed by the ongoing activities at preferred and otherwise optimal parameters.

Smart heating/cooling brings comfort, but also energy efficiency.
Smart ventilation ensures the air quality recommended for a healthy living environment.
Smart shading provides comfort, but also thermal, wind and storm protection and ultimately security.
With VIKI you can ensure the microclimate required for plants, green walls and green areas in the house.


The pleasure of staying home knows new standards now.

VIKI can ensure moments of relaxation and leisure you do enjoy and appreciate.
Because it remembers and then plays your favorite music, tv channel, series or show at the right moment and the right time.
And you start wondering what makes you feel all of the sudden good. It's what you need to hear or see. And VIKI knows.

With VIKI, you turn the TV on and off directly from your phone or tablet and by voice command.
Then just as easy select and change channels, choose a movie, favorite series or show to watch.
VIKI will activate the home cinema system right away, so the quality sound is to flood the room in the most pleasant way.
You can listen to any online radio station and have access to your entire music collection.
And just as well watch family photos on any of the TVs in the house.
All one click or one voice command away.


With VIKI, you have no problem if you decide to extend your vacation or spend your winter in the sun.
VIKI will take care of the house in your absence.

It will continue to water the plants and provide them with the light they need.
It will ensure the security and safety of your home and your assets.
It will monitor any changes, both inside and out, and will act accordingly.
No stress about intrusions. No stress about fire, flood and calamities.
You will find things as they where, without having to bother anyone for it.


VIKI keeps you up to date with weather conditions. You will receive detailed forecast for the day and the week.
And you will be warned on significant and unexpected changes, so you can be prepared and act on it.
You will get to appreciate you have been told you to grab a jacket or an umbrella.
And even more so when you've been warned not to take the bike, drive carefully or consider alternate transportation.


VIKI has built security functions and offers active protection when it comes to the house and the family.

Ths system implements different alarm scenarios for burglary, intruders, fire or carbon monoxide detection.
Beyond the classic detection and alarm facilities, the system notifies all family members through mobile phone and audio messages presenting instructions and recommendations specific to the detected event. VIKI takes eventual necessary measures, unlocks access doors - to facilitate the intervention of specialized personnel and turns the lights of the house intermittently on and off - to effectively guide the emergency crews.

The system is warning on extreme weather conditions, imminent natural calamity and other emergency situations.
VIKI can alert family members in the event of an emergency, whether natural, medical, social or different in nature.

The system is securing and monitoring the perimeter of the house. And for when you are away, it can accurately simulate presence at home in order to deter eventual intruders: turns lights on and off, lowers and raises window blinds, activates multimedia equipment, imitating the behavior of the family.
And last but not least, it lets you know when kids leave and return home, so you can rest assured they are safe.


VIKI is aware of the importance of efficiency when it comes to energy consumption

The system is monitoring consumption levels, plans for efficiency and follows it through.
It provides information on how the energy consumed in the house is used at every moment
and it supports residents in finding the balance between comfort and reduced energy consumption.

The implementation of a HEMS module in a VIKI house can ensure a considerable decrease in energy costs
when the system has renewable energy resources available and storage media at its disposal.
And even more so when the price of energy is differentiated onto day and night intervals.


VIKI knows a lot about you, but you can rest assured all is under control when it comes to privacy.
It is a loyal assistant that keeps your private life private,
as it stores all information in the private cloud of the house and it does not share it with anyone.


As far as technology is concerned, VIKI supports both wired and wireless solutions, and a range of devices that keeps getting wider.
Implementations can rely on KNX or combine DALI or LEGRAND with ZWAVE or WIFI, from case to case.


We have implemented automation solutions with more than 200 equipments, sensors and devices turning a dream into reality.

The wireless system can be installed in ready-built houses, where people moved and live,
without giving them headaches from broken walls, remodeling and repairs. And, it can be up and running in less than a week.


You can configure your project and all the details related to the necessary equipment using the provided VIKI configurator .
The system will be delivered to you with the entire equipment and all devices pre-configured and tested, ready for the installation.

VIKI is one of the first smart home automation systems equipped with artificial intelligence.
The system won the grand prize at "Pro Invent" - the International Salon for Research, Innovation and Inventiveness, 2017.

You can find out more on the functionalities of VIKI and the benefits of a smart home automation system
on the dedicated product page VIKI knows .