One of our teams is providing outsourcing services for the development and deployment of
a complete BI platform targeting the education market of a Western Europe country.

The BI platform integrates data from several software systems - HR, Payroll, Accountancy, Financial,
ensuring it undergoes required analytics. Once available, it presents results in graphical representations and drill down reports.

  • education
  • BI platform
  • integration services
  • reporting services

The BI solution addresses the education market, public service and private sector,
offering schools administrations what it takes to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Special attention has been paid to availability considerations and measures have been taken
first on the integration services, in order to ensure a flawless and resilient data transfer,
and then on the analytic services, in order to ensure a minimal downtime of the platform on updates.

The platform ensures authentication and authorization by means of an identity and access management solution
that supports OpenID Connect and OAuth standard protocols.