Napoca Software joined the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
in an industrial research and development project addressing
efficient energy management in micro-networks with renewable energy sources.

The partnership initiated by the university and sustained by the European Regional Development Fund, was meant to encourage collaboration and the involvement of industry in research and development, facilitating knowledge transfer and technological innovation.

  • renewable energy
  • research & development
  • universities
  • industry

The objective of the MICROINV project was:
energy management by optimal consumption and efficient conversion systems in micro-networks with renewable energy sources.

The research was to address and model techniques for consumption optimization and maximization of consumption from renewable energy sources in efficient energy conversion systems.
The project was to intensify collaboration reports between the university and private sector companies involved in the field and acknowledging the importance of efficiency in renewable energy conversion and the role industry can play when it comes to it.

Our team was involved in industrial research and development activities, addressing optimal communication techniques, optimal management algorithms, software development, system modeling and simulation tests.