One of our teams is providing outsourcing services for the development and deployment of
a complete HR and Payroll software solution targeting the market of a Western Europe country.

The software system offers a full featured HR and Payroll solution that evolved
from a stand alone software solution to a powerful back-end system
used by accountancy offices in connection with a self-service web portal made available to their customers.

  • HR and Payroll
  • software solution
  • self-service web portal
  • integration web API

The system can address small, medium and large organizations at the same time,
offering a high degree of flexibility and dealing with the high level of complexity
organizations face in day-to-day life when it comes to HR and Payroll processes.

The system can model organization workflows accurately,
actively involving employers, employees and salary administrators in the processes.
And it automates the HR workflows and the Payroll processing to the extent of no hands software.

Special attention has been paid to scalability concerns.