Our VIKI team was involved in the first implementation of a ZWAVE - DALI home automation system,
a full featured configuration leveraging the advantages of each of the two technologies.

The system automates and manages a one storey apartment, coordinating a wide range of smart electronic devices
while facilitating interaction and remote control by means of mobile devices and virtual assistants.

  • home automation
  • internet of things
  • smart home

ZWAVE is a well-known communication protocol used primarily in home automation systems. The ZWAVE wireless network handles devices from different manufacturers seamlessly, offering a wide range of possibilities when it comes to the automation options.

DALI is a well-known lighting control protocol that enables wired connectivity
while providing flexibility and quite a lot of options when it comes to lights automation.
The ZWAVE - DALI implementation of VIKI can now leverage the advantages of a wired network on lighting.

VIKI is a smart home automation that offers more than traditional systems do.
It uses advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence
to recognize behavior, anticipate needs and adapt the environment accordingly.

The system automatically adjusts lighting, controls climate and handles multimedia
according to preferences and depending on circumstances it monitors and is aware of.
Nevertheless, it addresses energy efficiency, safety and security concerns.