Our team was involved in the development and deployment of
an sales offer automation solution
for a Romanian company offering software solutions and music for in-store radio.

The sales offer automation system materialized in a web solution that presents the in-store radio offer and
ensures the delivery of a sales quotation, in response to a request for the software solution and music of choice.

  • in-store radio
  • automation software
  • sales offer automation
  • web solution

A web site extension guides the user through an offer configuration process
at the end of which he/she will receive an email with detailed information and the costs for the software solution and music of choice.
Hardware related costs, acquisition or rental, are evaluated and considered along the way.
Copyright related costs are automatically calculated and included in the offer, as required.

The web site extension works seamlessly on mobile devices.

The back-end system can be reconfigured as need, when the music or the hardware offer changes
and with every adjustment of the copyright taxes and regulations.

With the sales offer automation in place,
the company ensures immediate response to sales offer requests while reducing the burden on the sales department.
The copyright tax regulations complexity is now the problem of the software.
The project is to be continued with the sales order automation.