Our team was involved in the development and deployment of
an electronic invoice automation system
for a Romanian company with a proprietary ERP software solution.

The automation system is a software solution extension that
issues electronic invoices in an automated fashion, ensuring their registration in the national registration system.

  • ERP software
  • business automation
  • e-invoice integration
  • software solution extension

The invoice automation system is constantly monitoring the activity of the company
issuing electronic invoices and ensuring they get registered in the national registration system
wherefrom they can be picked up by the other parties.

The system deals with eventual problems and facilitates their resolution, resuming the upload process once problems are solved.
Communication with the national registration system's web API is authenticated; resilience and audit considerations are in place.

The back-end system can be reconfigured in terms of frequency of operation, to cope with eventual web API restrictions.

With the electronic invoice automation in place,
the company activity was not affected in any way by the integration with the national registration system.