Napoca Software partnered with another Romanian company in the development of
V I K I - an intelligent home automation system
that recognizes behavior and adapts the ambient accordingly without the need for further intervention.

The system automates the entire home coordinating a wide range of smart electronics
while facilitating interaction and remote control by means of mobile devices and virtual assistants.

  • home automation
  • internet of things
  • artificial intelligence
  • mobile devices, virtual assistants

VIKI is a smart home automation that offers more than traditional systems do.
It uses advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence
to recognize behavior, anticipate needs and adapt the environment accordingly.

The system automatically adjusts lighting, controls climate and handles multimedia
according to preferences and depending on circumstances it monitors and is aware of.
And it keeps learning, as people and preferences change, adjusting with every new experience.

Special attention has been paid to safety and security concerns.
The system evolved over the years and is currently addressing energy efficiency.

VIKI was among the first smart home automations equipped with artificial intelligence.
The system was awarded the grand prize at "Pro Invent" - the International Salon for Research, Innovation and Inventions, 2017.